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Our Lands

Our wines come from more than 68 hectares which we own in the garden of the Ribera del Duero: between Quintana del Pidio and Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos).

The orography is more uneven here than in the traditional Paramo (plain) with an altitude of between 940m and 900metres. There are numerous small plots most of which are smaller than a hectare and range between 15 to 100 years old with one or two that are pre-phylloxera.

Thanks to the sandy soil, the phylloxera did not attack here with the same ferocity as in the other zones in the Ribera del Duero and we have been able to maintain most of the older vines.

All the red wine in our winery is made from Tempranillo with a few young vines of the Albillo variety. Our vines are planted on slopes and are surrounded by forests with excellent drainage, protected from the dangerous winter frosts and cold northern winds by these forests which encircle the vines.

The plantation density is 2,800 vines per hectare approx. The green pruning and cluster thinning are amongst the many important jobs in the vineyard. Yields vary between 2.500 and 3.500 kilos per hectare.

The area which is made up of Quintana del Pidio, La Aguilera and Gumiel de Mercado, give the most elegant wines in La Ribera del Duero due to the poor quality soil (mainly sand) and the high altitude. We have the following type of aerobic sandy-loam soils: with between 63% and 67% sand content; silt between 19% and 23% and clay between 13 and 16% and we also have a deep root system able to search for water.

The climate in Quintana del Pidio is extreme continental with harsh winters and roasting summers and a low to moderate rainfall of between 400 and 600mm yearly rainfall.

The influence of the rivers which create special micro-climates is significant. One of the characteristics which differentiate our area is the huge difference in temperature between night and day and this gives our wines a defined acidity and elegant range of aromas.

We hand harvest every year selecting bunches one by one.